Image ID: 10010612
Caption: Randall Scharien and Susanne Hanson work in an 'ice pit' in the sea ice of the Bellingsaussen Sea during the JR240 ICEBell Cruise. The ice pits are used to study the sea ice chemical make up, structure and layering which adds to the understanding of sea ice production ond variability. This work is essential for interpreting satellite images which look at the vast areas of sea ice in the polar regions. In the Backfround can bee seen Michael Lewis and beyond the British Antarctic Survey ship the RRS James Clark Ross
Keywords: ICEBell | JR240 | Randall Scharien and Susanne Hanson | ice pit | sea ice | ship | | | | | | | | | | JCR | | james clark ross | | scientist
Location: Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
Season: 2010/2011
Photographer: Pete Bucktrout
Image size (pixels): 6682 x 3389