Image ID: 10009327
Caption: Field party campsite, Subglacial Lake Ellsworth during strong winds. A 4-man party spent 3 months camped on the plateau of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet conducting a geophysical reconnaissance of Subglacial Lake Ellsworth (SLE). SLE is a lake the size of Windermere trapped in a bed hollow beneath 3 km of ice. It has been identified as a suitable target for further exploration, including drilling through the ice and into the lake to investigate isolated life forms and ice sheet history. The geophysical exploration in 2007/08 mapped the lake surface and bed, tracked the ice motion as it flows over the lake, and made measurements of snow temperature, accumulation and density.
Keywords: Subglacial Lake Ellsworth | West Antarctic Ice Sheet Geophysics campsite camp
Location: West Antarctic Ice Sheet - Lake Ellsworth
Season: 2007/2008
Photographer: Andy M Smith
Image size (pixels): 4000 x 3000