Image ID: 10002147
Caption: SAOZ - observes spectra of UV and visible sunlight scattered from the zenith sky at twilight, to measure total column ozone and Nitrogen dioxide. SAOZ (Systeme d'Analyse d'Observations zenithales) is in a weather-proof box and looks up through the simple quartz window in its lid. Derek Oldham is seen here installing SAOZ on the roof of the ozone loft in March 1990. Faraday station was occupied by BAS from 1947 to 1996, it was transferred to the Ukraine in February 1996 and renamed Vernadsky. SAOZ was moved to Rothera when Faraday was transferred to the Ukraines
Keywords: people Scientist | Antarctica SAOZ | Ozone
Location: Faraday research Station ( now Vernadsky)
Season: 1989/1990
Photographer: Chris Gilbert
Image size (pixels): 3651 x 2360