Image ID: 10010622
Caption: This panaramic picture shows the final sea ice work area in the Bellingshausen Sea, during of the JR240 ICEBell Cruise. From the left we can sea; the survey base station; a snow pit being studied; the yellow LIDAR instrument scanning the surace; the snow penetrating RADAR being pulled and snow depth recordings being taken. This site is in the Bellingshausen Sea and in the distance the mountains of Northern Alexander Island can be seen. The science of the JR240 ICEBell Cruise gives us vital data in the quest to fully understanding sea ice production ond variability. This work is essencial for interpreting satelite images which look at the vast areas of sea ice in the polar regions.
Keywords: ICEBell | LIDAR | RADAR | mapping | sea ice | surveying | | | | | | | | | | | | | | JR240
Location: Bellingshausen Sea, Antarctica
Season: 2010/2011
Photographer: Pete Bucktrout
Image size (pixels): 19708 x 2675